Thursday, September 18, 2008


Liticaphobia- the fear of lawsuits.
The man who calls himself the CEO of Infinity Investment Services may suffer from liticaphobia.
What else could explain a consistence record of not showing up in court when you or your company is being sued?
You may remember that Hill was due to appear in a California court room in 2003 - he never showed up.

HILL remained at-large (no pun intended) until Metro police placed on the cuffs in 2005.

California wanted him back. For whatever reason, Hill did not want to face his crimes in California. and he refused a voluntary extradition.

Gee, Damon, we have to ask you this question: What kept you wanting to stay at CCDC?

The beautiful accommodations?

A lot of time, paper work and a lot of tax payers money had to be spent to extradite Hill.

Here we are in 2008, and Damon Hill appears to be suffering again with liticaphobia.

Infinity Investment Services, Damon Hill's pride and joy, has lawsuits being throw at it as fast as they can be written...and when it comes time to appear in court? Damon Hill is a no show.

AUGUST 2, 2008 - INFINITY INVESTMENT SERVICES loses in court. Default judgement totalling $39,904.03. Infinity never showed up. Now come on, where's Damon?

SEPTEMBER 4, 2008 - Once again - NO SHOW in Judge Cadish court room. Hyundai Motor Finance is suing Infinity Investment Services.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2008 - Why stop? No show in Judge Denton's courtroom. American Honda Finance is suing Infinity Investment Services.

Hill has yet to appear in court for the case involving Kia Motors.

On October 2, 2008 - Infinity Investment Services is scheduled to appear in Judge Williams courtroom at 9am. Infinity is being sued by JP Morgan Chase Bank.
Deep breaths, Damon. Keep telling yourself, "it's just a courtroom, it's just a courtroom."
Don't look over at the uniformed officer with the hand cuffs. Focus. You can do it.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Location: 1641 East Flamingo, Las Vegas

A quick acting INFINITY client intercepted this letter containing two VISA cards.

It appears INFINITY was not fast enough to pull off a quick change of addresses that would have sent this letter to the INFINITY offices instead of to the rightful owner.

This VISA card belongs to the client, not INFINITY. It was the client’s social security number and personal information that was used to obtain the credit.

At no time did the client give permission to INFINITY to apply for this card.

Don’t you have to sign a credit card application? Yes. Forgery?

It appears DAMON HILL, CEO of Infinity Investment Services, or someone using his name at Infinity did apply – and put DAMON HILL as the secondary user, requesting a card in that name. Was it DAMON?

This came as a surprise to the client. Why would they use their credit so DAMON HILL can have a credit card in his name? No where do you see Infinity Investment Services printed on either card.

A bigger surprise came a few days later.

NEWS 3 INVESTIGATORS revealed information about DAMON HILL’S criminal past.
(See DAMON HILL's mug shot to the right)

All the clients we spoke to told us they had no idea about DAMON’S past – seems DAMON HILL does not openly share this information with prospective clients.

Why would he?

DAMON HILL is a felon. He served time in California for Identity Theft and two counts of grand theft auto.

It does not stop there.

According to Las Vegas Metro police records DAMON HILL was busted in Las Vegas. He was arrested for holding up a man at gun point…..trying to stealing the man’s laptop as he exited a restaurant. DAMON HILL then told the victim he knew where the victim’s mother worked and lived and would “visit” both of them if the victim did not go to their ATM and withdraw cash.

The victim got into their car and drove to the ATM. HILL followed in another car.
The victim simply called 911 on their cell phone. Within minutes HILL was busted.

DAMON HILL sat behind bars at Clark County Detention Center from September to January. Seems HILL was wanted in California. He had been on the run for two years. According to records, HILL would not sign the extradition papers releasing him into California custody. So both states had to go through the long process that eventually would send HILL back to California.

INFINITY INVESTMENT SERVICES is also linked to a so called organization called The JAVIS Foundation. In part two of our Infinity investigations we revealed several problems facing JAVIS. (We even corrected the spelling on the JAVIS web site and it seems someone at JAVIS/INFINITY saw our story and made the appropriate changes) INFINITY'S CFO, ROBERT HERMAN (photograph on the right) appears to have a difficult time answering questions and explaining what JAVIS is all about.

The JAVIS website is down. Disappeared.
What happened?
The NEWS 3 INVESTIGATORS has also uncovered 3 names appearing on the articles of incorporation for INFINITY INVESTMENT SERVICES. This documentation is filed with the state of Nevada. The names of 3 people, who until we called them, had no idea they were listed as managing members on the paper work. They are clients. In their own words they are not a part of this corporation and were never asked to be. It appears these documents were filed without their knowledge or permission.

If you are a victim of INFINITY INVESTMENT SERVICES click here.