Friday, January 4, 2008

Foreclosure Scam

A giant foreclosure scam CONTINUES to sweep across the valley hitting home owners and renters.
Take a look at the picture of Matt Marlon.
Each time we broadcast his face...investigators get calls from potential victims.
According to the Secretary of States office, Matt Marlon goes by various names. (Also known as....JOHN OLSON, MR. MORRIS, ANDREW "ANDY" JOHNSON, ROBERT CROCKER, AND PETER BARTOLI)
If you have dealt with Marlon on foreclosure issues call the AG's office immediately....
TO FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE ATTORNEY GENERAL:Consumers may contact the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection about home foreclosure "rescue" scams at (702) 486-3194 in Las Vegas or (775) 684-1180 in Carson City.
HOW TO FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE NEVADA MORTGAGE LENDING DIVISIONIf you feel you have been the victim of a foreclosure rescue scam, you may contact the Nevada Mortgage Lending Division at 775-684-7060.
New victims come forward each day. Early this week, the victim count was 63. We were told that number is almost guaranteed to climb as investigators look into new complaints.
With Nevada leading the nation in home foreclosures, Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto warns constituents to beware of fraudulent foreclosure rescue schemes. Be aware of companies offering foreclosure relief which require consumers to sign contracts which involve turning over home ownership to the company and leasing the home back to the consumer with a buy back option at a future date. Many companies prey on consumers' fears of losing their homes. Many of these schemes are designed to fail so that consumers will lose their homes to the foreclosure rescue company.

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