Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Practicing What They Preach??

February 26, 2008

We've all been told to use less water. In fact, for most of us, water rates are going up next month. Part of the increase is to provide incentive for people to use less. But what about the people who make the water rules? Who checks on them? We do! Tune in Wednesday for News 3 at 4pm and 11pm to see "Practicing what they Preach?". We look at the people who make the waters rules to see what they've done at their own homes. Do they have full lawns? Desert landscape? Fake grass? The Clark County Commissioners also act as board members for the Las Vegas Valley Water District. We took our cameras to see what these board members have done at their homes. We even had to employ Sky 3 to get us shots of homes that are in guard-gated communities. Do they pass or fail? Watch News 3 at 4pm & 11pm on Wednesday to see!

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