Thursday, November 15, 2007

Update on the way


Hello from the Watchdog unit!

News 3 viewers will remember our report on Gayle Gonsalez. She is the bookkeeper who was hired by many valley businesses. They accuse her of fraud, forging checks, ID theft, etc. Those companies say she took them for thousands of dollars. If you didn't see the story, click on this link. There's also a link to see the story on video.
It turns out an employer we didn't include in our story contacted News 3 this week to say they've found some unusual transactions. Thousands of dollars in misappropriated funds that appear to be from checks made out to Gayle Gonsalez. Police are working the case, and so are we. Stay tuned, we're working on an update!
Also, we're continuing to get many complaints about car repair. Frankly, there's not a lot we can do. I would suggest calling the Better Business Bureau BEFORE you take your car in to a company you've not dealt with before. The BBB can tell you how many complaints were lodged against the company, and how many of those complaints were resolved. If the company doesn't care to resolve the case, why would you take your car there? The BBB's number is 320-4500.

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