Wednesday, March 12, 2008

UMC "Held Hostage" by Desai contract

Dr. Dipak Desai is not getting any more money from UMC. He'd been involved with the county operated hospital for years through its gastroenterology department. He, and his clinics, had a contract with UMC for nearly a million dollars a year. In return, Desai would accept UMC referrals regardless if the patients had insurance. Many UMC clients don't.

The interesting part of the story is how he got the contract. He did it by cancelling an earlier contract with UMC which paid him and his clinics about $200,000 a year. He cancelled suddenly, putting UMC in a bind. It solicited new proposals and only two groups responded. Guess what .. Desai got the contract .. but this new one paid him and his clinics about $800,000 more! UMC spokesman Rick Plummer says UMC was held hostage by the tactic. The story in the Las Vegas Sun spells it all out.

Fraud Alert! If anyone claiming to be from Metro asks you for some kind of donation. Don't believe it. And don't give out any personal information .. checking account numbers, banking information. That goes for anyone selling something on ebay or craigslist. Lots of complaints from people who are trying to sell something, but those who want to buy are asking for banking information. Sounds fishy to me.

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