Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Juanetta Granger, also known as "The Heiress", "The Designer", "The Master Florist", and a list of 20 other aliases was in court today. * She was sentenced by Judge John McGroarty.

It's been a long road for the victims in this case, and some of them had their cases dismissed, although there is a chance they will get some restitution.

If you didn't see our stories, you'll find them listed on the player as "The Heiress" and "The Designer". Click here to see them.

The particulars: She was sentenced to 19 to 48 months at the Nevada State Prison. That sentence was suspended. She will be on probation for 5 years. she's to have no alcohol during that time. She will be paying restitution to her many victims, but the total amount is not yet clear. The judge used the figure of $128,851.46, but a restitution hearing in November will determine the exact amount.

She will have to pay extradition costs of $1,226.14, and will have to stay behind bars for 90 days,. starting today, October 22, 2008. Two victims spoke at today's sentencing. One man who runs Summerlin Shoes says she intentionally and deliberately talked up a good story and took advantage of him and his business, with no intention of ever paying for the shoes he sold her. He is owed $1230.25. Another victim, Janet Schertzer, is owed far more. She wants her $22,500 back. Granger told Janet she was a designer and the two of them should start a business. Granger took Janet all over town to furniture stores, model homes, and high rise condos to make Janet believe this was a real business. When Granger was asked by the Judge if she had anything to say. She did say "I'm sorry." She then complained that there was no counseling for her, no impulse counseling available to help her.
According to the District Attorney in Payne County, Oklahoma, Juanita Charree Lantz, as she's known there, told people she was JC Gaylord .. a member of the Oklahoma City Gaylord family that owns the News Press. She signed real estate documents as JC Gaylord Wolf. Granger/Gaylord's boyfriend, a Mr. Wolf, said that Granger/Gaylord told him that she was a member of the Gaylord family of Oklahoma City. She's now facing a felony charge of personation in Payne County.

*Here's a look at some of what we believe to be her aliases: Charree Lavicky, Juanetta Charree Gross, JC Lantz, JC Lavicky, JC Gross, Brandy Lance, Charree Tuscanio, Juanita Lance, Juanita Lavickey, Juanita Lavicky, Juanita Tuscanio, Juanita West, Juanetta Granger, Juanetta Charree Granger, Bobbie Sue Ford, Juanita Charee Gross, Juanita Gross, JH Stranhan, Juanetta Granger Gaylord!

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