Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lots of emails about our story on Rex Harris and his company Better Realty Deals.

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Rex Harris told us he was the former sales manager of another company, Our Family First Realty, that apparently took a lot of money from Realtors and didn't follow through on its promises. Our Family First is now out of business. Better Realty Deals is Rex Harris' company which appears to operate in very much the same way as our Family First. Collect money from Realtors with promises of advertising. But so far, the ads have not aired.
Here's a sample of some of the emails I received after the story aired:

Just wanted to add myself to the list of people ripped off by Rex Harris. I bought in for $3,800 in Zip codes and never saw a thing in return for my investment.

$1600 for a zip code and never a ad in!
I feel like a fool but appreciate the fact you are making this public so hopefully he will be shut down for good!

I was one of many Realtors here in Arizona that was misled by Rex Harris back in October 4, 2007. He runs a pretty good scam by keeping people running in circles. I never met with Rex, only spoke with him, but dealt with two of his sales people and spoke to one of his associates that had the business in her name.

Please add me to your list of scammed Realtors. He took me for $2,200 August of 2007. I have demanded my money back several times and got nothing. I have his voicemail recorded where he tells me to read my contract.

And I got an email from Rex Harris AFTER the story aired. Remember we offered him a chance to sit down, face to face, and talk about many of the inconsistencies we found in our investigation.. before the story aired. We also asked him for proof that he had a contract to air commercials. He told an agent during the sales pitch he had a contract. We also asked for documentation about when and where we could see those commercials on the air. That's something you would have if you actually purchased the time to air the commercials. We never got that information and he never showed for the interview.

In this latest email, he talks about a "crook" who didn't finish the commercial .. correctly. I know he already has commercials ready to go .. at least he told me that. In fact, you can see it on his website. It's the same commercial he will show you before he starts his sales pitch. Why doesn't that one air in the meantime?
To Whom It May Concern,
First and foremost I want to offer my sincere apology to any and all Realtors who were mislead by Our Family First Realty.
Wow, where should we start. How about proof that I did not own Our Family First Realty? I have . FBN numbers on two owners. How about proof that the company closed down due to a web desighner who was a crook and when he did not get his way he shut down the site and started making allegations to all of the company's clients for his own twisted fun?What about all the clients like Mr and Ms Gunning who have been responded to and being told that this will get back up and running and that we will give them more than they signed up for, for there patience. These agents like the Gunning's have stated they our excepting the free extension. Then they lie on camera. Does that not stand for anything?
I understand that you can and will report what you want. But i work 7days a week trying to build a dream. Next time you want to talk to me. Get the facts straight. And again our commercials start in January as stated to any of the Better Realty Deals clients. We wanted to start earlier but as we ran into another crook who did not finish the commercial correctly. We shoot a new commercial this week. And on air the next. Feel free to call us if you have not seen us. Also Nevada Coorperate Headquarters is responsible for all our coorperate paperwork. Did you need anything from them? to show we are a corp?
I have tried talking, I am trying to do right by my clients. Why don't you do your story on that? If you only had a clue how hard it is starting something that has this potential by yourself. Im doing everything in my power and again want to apologize to anyone that was not contacted about this matter.
Agents need to contact me and let me know what areas they were signed up for, so that I can honor their contrcat with the company that I worked for, not owned.
Rex Harris 877-78-better
We did find that Better Realty Deals did finally register as a corporation with the Nevada Secretary of State's office. It became incorporated December 12, 2008.

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