Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Air Conditioning 101

With the hot weather here, at some point you're going to have an air conditioning issue.
My advice: spend a couple minutes doing a little research NOW on which company you'll be calling when the A/C goes out. Believe me, you won't want to do the research then.
Rather than just rely on the phone book or an internet search .. try this. Ask your friends who they use. Also call the Better Business Bureau and ask them what they know about the company you've chosen. The BBB rates air condtioning companies based on consumer problems, length of time in business, how they resolved complaints, etc. Companies are given a grade from A to F, and you will find out why the BBB has given them a particular grade.
One question you may want to ask, are the repair people sent to your home paid hourly, or are they on commission? If they're on commission they may be more likely to find a more expensive fix.

Here's what the BBB recommends:

Get 3 bids.
Ask friends for a reference.
Make sure the company and repair people are licensed and bonded.
Companies doing A/C repair work need to have a business license AND be licensed by the State Contractor's Board.
Do the companies provide workmen's comp coverage to their employees? (If they don't, you could be liable if they fall off your roof)
Check out the BBB's site here
If you have a problem with an A/C company, let the BBB know about it. You can file a complaint against a company and the BBB will get involved.

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helpfulhand said...

Request a detailed service invoice of the work performed, which should include the model and serial number of the appliance/equipment worked on as well as the part number of items replaced. Ask to keep all the old parts, Techs should be very willing to give them to you.