Monday, June 29, 2009

Beware the $9.95 Special!!!

Auto Repair is one of the most common complaints the Nevada Consumer Affairs Division receives. Unfortunately, due to budget issues, Consumer Affairs was downsized. If you need to find out where to go for help, they are still there. 702-486-7355.

This email I received acts as a warning for anyone getting an oil change. Keep in mind these auto repair places will try two and three times to sell you more services. According to this viewer .. they were things she didn't need!!! They can suggest all kinds of things they claim you need, but you don't have to approve them. Remember the $9.95 special is just to get you in the door, often to sell you additional items.

Here's the email:

I just went to a "Econo Lube N' Tune" to get one of their $9.95 oil changes. I was told I needed the $29.95 service because I need a different weight of oil. Since I was already there I agreed. But then they came back a little while later and said I needed to flush the following:
Brake system, power steering, coolant and transmission. Plus I needed to replace the air filter and do a 2-step fuel system cleaning.
Just 8,000 miles earlier I had my car serviced at a dealership and they flushed the transmission fluid and checked everything out. So I checked the transmission fluid myself and it was pink, not brown like Econo Lube said and my husband just replaced the air filter just 1000 miles ago. Is there anyway we can warn the people about these ripe-off artist?

Consider yourself warned!

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