Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Testing new ways to boost recycling

December 4, 2007

The WATCHDOG reported a few months back about the 3 pilot programs on "Recycling/Curb Side Trash Pick-Up" the Clark County Recycling Committee will start testing on voluntary home owner associations.
One of the programs or bits-and-pieces from each program could eventually affect the way your curb side trash gets picked-up.
Today, (12/4) the Clark County Commissioners approved the go ahead to start the testing of the pilot programs. The following sites expressed interest to participate:
Hillside View
Nellis Air Force Base
Pueblo Del Sol
Red Rock Country Club
Sage Creek
Spring Valley Highlands
Winterwood Ranch
Turning Point
Villas At Blue Diamond
The 3 test pilot programs are:
- Once-a-week recycling and once-a-week trash pick-up.
- Once-a-week recycling and twice-a-week trash pick-up.
- Every other week recycling and twice-a-week trash pick-up.
Side note: Both Commissioners Chris G and Chip Maxfield voted in favor but not before going on record to state that neither endorse any changes to trash pick-up that would reduce it from the current twice-a-week pick-up to a once-a-week pick-up schedule.

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