Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yucca and Gayle

December 11, 2007

In Henderson we attended the monthly Chamber of Commerce breakfast that put the spot light on the Yucca Mountain project.
Bob Loux, who heads up Nevada's Agency for Nuclear Projects did the speaking.
It's his belief the Department of Energy (DOE) is trying to speed up the process of getting it's Yucca Mountain license application turned in by June of 2007. DOE will turn its application in to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). That, he says, is so the license can be in the works before a new president is elected. Loux said every Democratic presidential candidate is against the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository. Loux also mentioned a General Accounting Office (GAO) report which showed that the DOE owns or operates 127 facilities around the country which hold radioactive waste or some sort. The GAO found that 124 of those facilities failed for one reason or another. Loux also said new federal legislation would exempt the Federal government from all Federal, State and local transportation regulations when it comes to moving nuclear waste through our state. The legislation would also exempt DOE from all existing hazardous waste laws. Although the DOE prefers to haul the nuclear waste to Nevada by rail, some shipments may come by truck, possibly those from southern California. In other scenarios, during bad weather/winter weather situations, rail lines that run right through Las Vegas may have to be used.
Here's another interesting point Bob Loux made. The 319 mile rail route DOE is proposing to haul the waste from Caliente, NV (a proposed transfer site) to the repository would cross land on the Nevada Test Site. That means the DOE would be able to tell Nellis Air Force Base when and where it could fly when those shipments happened to be on the tracks. Obviously, DOE would want to prevent any jet training while the tanks were being taken to Yucca Mountain to avoid a possible crash/target practice/etc.
Interesting things to think about. We're going to do more on some of what Bob Loux talked about, and also talk to DOE in the New Year .... so stay tuned.

Gayle Gonsalez update...
And for those of you following the Gayle Gonsalez story (see below), she's now out of jail. We've got more coming up on her story as well.
Remember our EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION from November about Gayle Morrill aka Gayle Gonsalez? (She's the local book keeper that according to former companies where she was employed at - Gayle helped herself to their cash!)
It came as a BIG relief to past employers our investigation profiled that this past Friday, (12/7) the law caught up with Gayle. She was caught, handcuffed, and hauled into CCDC.
According to court records, Gayle faces various charges of theft, burglary and forgery.
As of Tuesday (12/11) she remains locked-up at CCDC. On Wednesday Gayle will make another early morning appearence before Judge Abbi Silver.
Will Gayle be released pending trial? Or, will Gayle be considered a flight risk and remain behind bars? We will let you know.
If you do not remember our investigation or wish to see it again - See the storyby clicking here: http://www.kvbc.com/Global/story.asp?S=7300337
During our long investigation, it proved difficult to capture a clear shot of Gayle. Thanks to CCDC and Metro for providing us with this clear shot of Gayle. It's Gayle's most recent mug shot taken 12/7 upon being booked into the dentention center:

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