Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Such Thing as International Driver's License!

Heads up to all of you who might be thinking of getting an International Driver's License. First of all, there's no such thing! There is something called an International Driving permit .. more on that in a moment.

The Nevada Consumer Affairs Division says a company is advertising on radio, in emails, and on websites. It promises "A license that can never be suspended or revoked". Folks, it's a scam. Those are not my words, that's what the State of Nevada found. Especially at risk for this .. Hispanics. Many of the ads are put in foreign-language newspapers that direct consumers top websites or local storefronts.
If you've been approached to by a bogus International Driver's License, report it to the Nevada Division of Motor Vehicles by going here or by calling 702-486-4368.
Part of the reason this scam is so successful is that there is a legitimate International Driving Permit (IDP). However, an IDP is not a replacement for a valid U. S. state license.

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