Tuesday, March 17, 2009


If you didn't see our piece on out of state license plates, click here to see it.

We heard from a lot of you about the story. Some loved it, others .. not so much.
Some people in the military feel attacked, although we pointed out the exceptions to the law. By mistake, that was not made clear in the 11pm version, for which I apologize. It was noted on the 5pm version, the on-line version, and the version that ran in our Noon newscast.

(Active military and their family, out of state students who come to school here and part time residents, as long as they are not employed.)
Here's what the DMV says on its website:

You must be a Nevada resident and provide a Nevada street address to obtain a driver license.
Active duty military members, their dependents and others living temporarily in Nevada are not required to transfer their license and registration. If you obtain non-military employment, however, you become a Nevada resident and must obtain a Nevada license and registration.
Licenses are not issued to visitors, out-of-state students or foreign exchange students. Other foreign nationals may or may not be eligible for a license depending on their specific immigration status.
Other viewers say this is a complaint they've had for years and suggested places to look for offenders.
Here are portions of some of the many emails I received:

"I just watched your story tonight on the out of state plates. I have another place to look and I believe you will find alot. Look in the Casinos' Employee Parking Lot."

"I have a issue with my neighbors who live at Red Rock Country Club for over 5 years that still do not have Nevada plates on the cars. They have at least three cars that are here at all times."

"I think your news spot on 12 Mar about out-of-state license plates was absolutely unfair to military families. By law military members have the right to register their vehicles in their home state. You should have clearly pointed this out to the general public."

"I recently watched your broadcast concerning people who have out of state license plates but live in the state of Nevada, is there a number that one can call to report people of this nature.......I personally think it is unfair for those to have plates from states with lower rates then ours does...........i have a neighbor how has lived here now for close to 5 yrs and still has Washington plates on there vehicle, wish u would do more reporting on this subject, maybe it would scare people to abide by the law."

"I'm afraid my wife and I could have told you this six years ago. When we moved here in 2002 we registered our two cars right away. It was after that we noticed vehicles around us still had the out of state plates. Not for a month or two or three, but for years. Some vehicles STILL have them on. I don't know if the Nevada Department of Transportation doesn't care or there's nothing they can do about it."

"I understand you are doing a piece on the out of state vehicles in the valley. It's about time someone did. I've lived here 33 years and the out of state vehicles are getting out of hand. I've even seen vehicles with stickers from local schools that brag that their kid is an honor roll student. I understand that NHP had a program in place some years ago but dropped it. I don't know why."

We've got some updates planned on this .. so stay tuned.

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Mrwonder said...

When will you do a piece on why the county and the RTC have not installed ballards at the bust stops to protect people from straying vehicles?