Tuesday, April 14, 2009


There are two bills aimed at the Out of State Plates issue circulating in Carson City.

Assembly Bill 291 increases the fine for failing to comply with the registration law up to $1,000. (The absolute minimum would be $250 if a person, after being cited, shows he or she did register their car.) As it stands now, an officer told me many of the citations are simply dismissed once someone finally shows they registered their car.
The bill would also allow Constables to demand and view the certificate of registration for any vehicle and to request information to determine whether a vehicle should be registered in the State. We've checked with Metro and they will only ticket a person for not registering their car if they are, say, pulled over for another reason. Metro will not ticket parked cars. A.B. 291 passed through the Assembly.
Senate Bill 218 does basically the same thing as A.B. 291. It could pass through the Senate as soon as today.
We've heard from a lot of you about this story. Some have reported businesses who are using out of state plated cars in the Las Vegas area to save money on registration. Another person reported a member of my home owner master association who lives here, sits on the board of a well known bank in town, and drives a car registered in Idaho? I don't know the guy .. but I'll ask him what the deal is.
Hopefully if these two bills pass, or they're combined into one, there will someday be a way for you to report people who are knowingly ignoring the law and not paying their fair share.

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