Thursday, April 24, 2008

Buffalo Jim's Rolls Royce

These are never before seen photograph’s of Metro Police inspecting Buffalo Jim’s Rolls Royce.

No news on what Metro discovered – if anything.

However, that doesn’t stop the conspiracy theorist from working overtime since the sudden death of James “Buffalo Jim” Barrier. Perhaps their theories will one day be proven true – maybe not.
Was he murdered? Why some believe we will never know?
Like Ted Binion this death is bound to end up
in the pages of Las Vegas folklore.
What we do know is that the Clark County Coroner has
listed this death as “natural causes.”
However, all that could change depending on the results of the toxicology report.
We could be waiting weeks for those results.

Metro has looked into this death at the request and urging of family members.
There is no “murder” investigation.
Homicide detectives are not investigating.

So, we wait.

1 comment:

CB said...

It was a complete set up. Buffalo's family does not deserve what they are being put through. He was an incredible man and raised amazing daughters.
What adn why is Michael Murphy hiding information from them?

This is outrageous and humiliating on the corners part.