Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Water Rebate Update!

Not long ago we did a story about Barbara Owen and her yard. She decided to do the right thing and save water. She pulled out her grass and replaced it with rock and artificial turf. It was all going to plan until the Southern Nevada Water Authority reminded her that in order to receive the rebate, she had to have at least 50 percent plant coverge on the area she's replacing. (It's spelled out on the back of the rebate form you have to sign.)
Well, after a few changes, Barbara got her rebate! All 1134 dollars! She also sent along some pictures of the cactus in her backyard which are blooming, which we'll share! She even caught a hummingbird checking out her backyard.

If you didn't see the story we did you can see it by going here.
Then scroll down to the story titled "Water Rebate Warning"
Way to go Barbara!

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