Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Credit Scam, Religion & Recycling

It's been a busy week so far. It's only Wednesday!
Hope you caught the story about Kyle Kimoto. He's the Las Vegas man found guilty of conspiracy, mail fraud and wire fraud.

The U-S Attorney's office says his company, registered in Nevada, but operating out of St. George, Utah did business under several different names. Advantage Capital, Capital First, Premier One, Bay Area Business Council and American Leisure were some of them.
A Federal Grand Jury found his credit card scheme victimized more than 300-thousand people, costing victims 43 million dollars.

We also learned a little bit about his wife. She is a former Mrs. Nevada. A viewer brought this news release to my attention. It's interesting how often she talks about helping those in the community. Even more interesting when you compare it to what her husband was convicted of doing.

Recycling. It appears the "test" neighborhoods are all lined up. We talked about this months ago. Republic Services wanted to try several different plans to see which increased recycling. The biggest change is that you would no longer have 3 bins to put recyclables in. Just one big can for all recyclables. No separating paper and plastic. Republic and the County wanted to test this out for about a year to see which works best. Although early recommendations by a recycling task force appeared to suggest cutting back our garbage service collection to just one day a week, along with the changes to recycling service, we're told that is no longer the case.
We'll have more on this soon.

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