Friday, October 12, 2007

The check in the mail could cost you!

October 12, 2007

On Thursday, during News 3 at 5pm, we showed you how some unscrupulous businesses are taking advantage of Las Vegans. They are promising you're the winner of a sweepstakes, a lottery, extra funds leftover from some rich person overseas. It's crazy!
If you didn't see it, you can click here:
Watch out! Since the story aired, we've heard from several viewers who say they've received these kinds of checks in the mail. Some didn't know it was a scam and actually wired money to these people, then saw our story! At least one person has lost $2,000. Please keep these things in mind. The checks may look real, they may have your name and address on them, don't send any money! Most of these checks are from out of state. It will take SEVERAL days for your bank or credit union to clear the check. By then, you've wired money to the bogus company and they get to keep it. In fact, the check you received will never clear, because it's bogus! We called the company who sent one of these checks to a News 3 viewer. We posed as the winner and provided the claim number. They wanted us to cash the check and then call back. Then they'll ask you to wire the money to someone right away. They want you to do this before you find out the check won't "clear". Think about this, if all the people who are told "they are the winner of the lucky sweepstakes", or the "South African Lottery" or whatever agency they're using, were actually winners, we'd have new, multi millionaires walking all over this town.
If you still don't believe us, cash the check and wait for it to clear. Beware, your bank or credit union will probably charge you a fee when the check is returned!! If you're unsure, show the check to a manager at your bank or credit union and let them know your concerns.

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