Thursday, October 4, 2007

Taking on Neighborhood Eyesores!

October 4, 2007

Who doesn't like a nice, comfy couch, or a lazy-boy recliner? But when that couch and recliner are abandoned in a vacant lot across from your house, it's a much different story! It becomes an eyesore, it brings down your property value, and it tends to invite others to dump as well.
It's a scenario one Channel 3 viewer brought to the WATCHDOG'S attention. Once we saw the property in question, even we were a bit surprised. It's amazing the problem was allowed to go on for so long!
We found out who actually owns the property, we've confronted the owners about the problem as well.
Along with a couch, reclining chairs, mirrors, desks, and garbage, some contractors were dumping chunks, of concrete and other garbage from construction sites. Apparently they didn't want to waste their time going to the dump.
For those of you who have a problem with trash and junk stacking up on a vacant lot, or on a neighbor's property, we've got some information that could be helpful. If you live in the city of Las Vegas or Henderson, call the city in which you live and talk to someone in code enforcement. If you live in Clark County, and not in an incorporated city, contact the county's code enforcement division.
Here are some code enforcement options on line.
Clark County
City of Las Vegas
City of Henderson

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