Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lied Animal Shelter Update

october 25, 2007

We were first to bring you the highly critical and gruesomely graphic 300+ page United States Humane Society Report that made Lied Animal Shelter look so horrific even Mayor Oscar Goodman told us that this report, "Makes Michael Vick look like St. Francis of Assisi."
If you can stomach it, check out the complete report (pictures too) at:
We had sent a copy of the report to the Mayor's office, and it was not long before Mayor Goodman announced that Las Vegas City Marshalls would investigate into any criminal wrong doing. Now we learned that City Marshalls could not substantiate allegations made in the report because the Humane Society cited confidentiality with sources and documentation.
Last Thursday at the Mayor's weekly press conference we asked the Mayor about his next step. Asked if he would pressure Lied and the Humane Society for full disclosure, Mayor Goodman told us that full disclosure is what he wants to see. Because the Lied Animal Shelter contracts with the city, the Mayor stated that this issue of full disclosure would be brought up the next time Lied stands before the city council asking for a renewal. "I think the next time I discuss this is when the Humane Society (what he meant to say here is "Lied Animal Shelter") comes before council and then be able to ask some pointed questions." Pointed questions? The new administration stock answer seems to always be "that was then, this is now." If you attended any of the public meetings Clark County held where Chris Robinson, Lied's new director, addressed current improvements, you no doubt witnessed the skeptism and anger some in the public expressed toward the animal shelter. Does it not seem likely that someone on the the Lied board, or any volunteer or employee of Lied would speak-out and be able to validate and confirm allegations in the Humane Society report? Goodman also stated at his press conference that he would read the City Marshalls final report over the weekend. That begs for a follow-up. Mayor Goodman called on everyone in southern Nevada to spay and neuter. More to come.....

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